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Plum Extract

매실 엑기스

1 (18 oz)    $20

1 (32 oz).   $40

18 oz can't be shipped since it comes in a glass bottle

Pick up your homemade plum extract from

Mary's Jujube Farm. We have been told by

many of our customers that they simply

love our plum extract.


That’s because everything we grow at

Mary's Farm is grown with love so our fruits are fresher, taste better and smell better. Our fresh

and well ripened plums are from our naturally

grown trees and they are always perfect to give

the great plum extract to our customers.

마리아 농장에서 자연과 성실로 깨끗하게 자란

매실 나무에서 재배된 매실로 가족들과 나누는

마음으로 정성스럽게 만들어집니다. 매실 엑기스는

피로 회복, 식중독 예방(해독 작용), 소화 촉진,

체질개선(약알카리 체질)에 효능이 좋습니다.

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