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Welcome to Mary's Farm

Mary's farm is located in Lucerne Valley, CA, USA. Our jujubes are certified organic

by CCOF and they are grown with E.M.  

Our jujube are very large and naturally

sweet with no additives, no preservatives

and naturally dried. We grow our jujubes

with love and honesty to bring only

the best jujubes to our customers.


마리아 농장은 고지대 사막에서 E.M.등 유기농

거름만으로 재배한 미국 최고 품질의 미 농무부 인증

유기농 대추와 자연광 (햇빛) 만으로

건조하는 자연 건조 곶감등을 생산합니다.  


E.M. 유기농 대추와 자연 건조 곶감은 면역력

향상과 혈관강화에 도움을 주는 비타민과

미네랄 그리고 황산화 성분이 풍부합니다.

Our Products


Our Jujubes are certified organic by

CCOF and they are grown with E.M.

They are 100% natural with no additives and

no preservatives. Our customers love our large and super sweet jujubes!


Naturally Dried Persimmons


Our naturally dried persimmons are always

so popular to our customers for their

great taste and large size. No additives,

no preservatives and no sugar added.

Our dried persimmons deliver natural sweetness to our customers.

Onion Juices


At Mary's jujube farm, we make onion juice mixed with our organic jujubes (20%)

to deliver a healthy drink with

a great taste for our customers.


Our Gallery

Photos from Mary's farm

new leaves
Mary's Farm
Fresh Jujubes
Our jujubes ripen on trees!
large and sweet certified organic jujubes by CCOF
Persimmons being naturally dried.
naturally dried persimmons
naturally dried persimmons
Beautiful flowers bloomed on our plum trees!
well ripened fresh plums from our plum trees

Contact us

Please contact us to make orders or
with any questions about our fruits.
We ship anywhere in the U.S.

15565 Meridian Rd. Lucerne Valley, CA 92356

phone: (English) 760-515-3030 (Korean) 213-604-6744, 213-604-6717

Youtube: Mary's jujube farm

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